CEO Nvidia Confirms Establishment of First Facility in Vietnam(10/12)

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Dec 11, 2023

CEO Nvidia Confirms Establishment of First Facility in Vietnam(10/12)

CEO Nvidia has just announced plans to establish a new facility in Vietnam, opening up significant opportunities for development and innovation in Vietnam’s semiconductor industry. As one of the world’s leading chip manufacturers, let’s explore this groundbreaking announcement with Tinasoft.

What kind of company is Nvidia?

Nvidia is a frontrunner in chip manufacturing and computer solutions, known for its advanced products and technology in the semiconductor industry. Over 4 million developers worldwide have created thousands of applications to accelerate computing. More than 40,000 companies use NVIDIA AI technology, with 15,000 global startups in NVIDIA Inception.

Nvidia is a pioneer in applying artificial intelligence (AI) across various sectors, from self-driving cars and healthcare to industries and cloud computing. Their commitment to bringing this technology to everyone has propelled Nvidia to become a significant name in both the industry and the global scientific community.

CEO Nvidia -Jensen Huang’s goals for the company

Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, has set a crucial goal to establish a center in Vietnam to promote and develop the country’s prominent semiconductor industry. This is not just a strategic move but a strong affirmation of Vietnam’s importance in Nvidia’s global development vision.

Huang emphasizes not only Nvidia’s regard for VN as a critical market but also a robust confirms establishment to building and developing a specialized center here. His vision extends beyond just introducing cutting-edge technology and knowledge into the country but also focuses on creating an environment to attract talent globally, contributing to the sustainable development of VN’s semiconductor and digitalization ecosystem.

Nvidia’s contribution to Vietnam’s economy

Nvidia has demonstrated a significant commitment to VN by investing a substantial $250 million and is ready to engage in crucial discussions regarding semiconductor technology cooperation with companies and the Vietnamese government. The emphasis on the meeting on December 10 marks a crucial step in jointly leveraging potential, sharing knowledge, and professional skills, thereby creating a close collaboration environment between Nvidia and VN’s technology industry community.

The discussions about cooperation agreements in the semiconductor technology field not only benefit both sides but also present an opportunity to share advanced knowledge, and expertise, and establish a foundation for sustainable development in this sector in VN.

Moreover, this substantial investment also showcases Nvidia’s confidence in VN’s development potential in the technology industry and the positive investment environment here. During the meeting, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh highlighted that in the Comprehensive Partnership recently established between VN and the United States, science, technology, innovation, and creativity have become crucial new pillars in the two countries’ relationship.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh received Mr. Jensen Huang, President and CEO of NVIDIA Corporation. (photo: Dương Giang/TTXVN)

Technological resources in Vietnam that Nvidia confirms

By deploying artificial intelligence in cloud computing, Nvidia, alongside partners in VN, has opened new opportunities for optimizing storage, processing data, and delivering cloud-based services more efficiently and flexibly.

Nvidia has established a robust collaboration with leading technology companies in VN, creating opportunities to implement artificial intelligence (AI) across diverse sectors such as cloud computing, self-driving vehicles, and healthcare. This collaboration not only connects with VN’s tech community but also harnesses local potential and talent, propelling the application of advanced technology into crucial societal sectors.

In the self-driving vehicle sector, Nvidia, in partnership with Vietnamese counterparts, is researching and developing AI solutions to enhance the safety and performance of autonomous vehicles, opening prospects for turning ideas into reality in the smart and automated automotive world.

Furthermore, the application of artificial intelligence in healthcare is receiving significant attention from Nvidia and its partners in VN. It presents an opportunity to improve healthcare services, from diagnosis to treatment, by optimizing care processes and enhancing people’s quality of life through technology application.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh’s remarks. (Photo: Dương Giang/TTXVN)


Nvidia’s announcement about establishing a center in VN is a significant step, promising vast opportunities for the development of the semiconductor industry and the application of advanced technology in the country’s main economic sectors. If you want to delve deeper into the article or AI technology to elevate your company during this developmental phase, don’t hesitate to contact TINASOFT for the quickest support.


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