The Power of a Security Card 2024 – Does Your Business Already Have?

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Dec 22, 2023

Security Card 2024

The power of a security card cannot be denied in today’s digital age, information management and protection of important business data play an extremely important role. Has your business realized and taken full advantage of the capabilities of this tool? Let’s learn more about the information about this powerful technology card with Tinasoft.

What is a Security Card?

A security card is a tool used to authenticate identities and manage access rights to systems, data, or protected areas within an organization.

Designed to provide both security and convenience, security tags often combine elements such as personal information (like usernames), unique identifying information (such as serial numbers or codes), and authentication technologies (like PIN codes or verification codes). For instance, the Iluton card has been a collaborative product developed at Tinasoft.

There are various types of security tags, including:

  • ID Cards: These cards typically contain user information and are used to identify individuals.
  • Smart Cards: They store information and perform intelligent functions like data encryption, two-factor authentication, or system access.
  • Token Cards: Generating unique verification codes (one-time passcodes) each time authentication is required, often used in two-factor login systems.
  • Barcode Cards: Containing barcode or QR code information to identify users or user details.

Security cards are widely used in cybersecurity, access management, controlling entry and exit, or within financial transaction systems to protect critical information and prevent unauthorized access.

Benefits Of Protecting Business Information

Utilizing security tags in a business environment offers significant advantages:

  1. Data Security: Ensuring only authenticated users access sensitive business information, protecting data from unauthorized use or exposure.
  2. Access Control Management: Determining and managing user access rights to specific areas or data within the organization.
  3. Two-Factor Authentication: Enhancing the security of authentication processes by combining security cards with another authentication factor.
  4. Reduced Cybersecurity Risks: Minimizing external intrusion risks or cyberattacks by mandating the use of security cards for internal system access.
  5. User Activity Tracking: Logging user activity history, allows organizations to monitor and audit user actions within the system.
  6. Compliance with Laws and Regulations: Helping businesses comply with information security regulations and data management standards.
  7. Safe Communication in Large Environments: Particularly in large organizations, security cards provide a safe and efficient means to authenticate and manage a large number of employees.

Using security tags not only enhances security but also establishes a safe and reliable working environment for both the business and its employees.

Tinasoft Security Tag Project – Secure Software Design

As the security token project at Tinasoft enters the upgrade phase, a new page of progress and innovation is opening. This is not only an important step but also represents our commitment to improving the performance and functionality of our security systems.

Describe project

The product combines software installed on the computer and external devices, to automatically lock and
Unlock personal PC via receiver and transmitter. In addition, the product allows recording the history of computer usage status.


ServiceAdmin: Program to manage and create Licenses for Tenant Admin

TenantAdmin: Program to manage and create keys associated with device information and cards to activate console cards

Console: Use the key security code to activate and use the card

Log viewer: Program to read log files exported from the Console

Hardware: Card, Dongle, Receiver


Integrate the card with devices such as card readers and cameras to support automatic locking/unlocking of personal computers (laptops and desktops)

Save a log of computer usage status.

License management (attached to card and reader), and key management are used to activate product services on personal computers.

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