Who are we?

Tinasoft Vietnam Joint Stock Company was established on December 27, 2018. Although it is a young enterprise, with the high level of expertise and dedication of the staff, Tinasoft quickly won the trust of customers. domestic and foreign enterprises. Up to now, our total number of customers is up to 50 customers and more than 300 projects. Tinasoft Vietnam is constantly trying to become one of the companies that quickly grasp and lead in technology, embedded programming, building IoT projects, etc.

Mission - Vision - Values


“We exist to bring cutting-edge information technology software and services, along with great benefits to businesses in the field of automation.”


“By combining knowledge strength, collective solidarity, and cutting-edge technology, Tinasoft will become a leading technology corporation while also developing sustainably ”

Core value

“Innovation- Professionalism-commitment We exist to bring cutting-edge information technology software and services, along with great benefits to businesses in the field of automation.”

Executive Board

Tinasoft journey


We started Tinasoft with an initial team of 4 members


Tinasoft started new successful projects


The team is growing day by day Tinasoft expands many facilities


We built Tinasoft into an outsourcing company


Tinasoft is increasingly known for its increasing number of employees to 100+

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas does Tinasoft operate in?

Tinasoft operates in the fields of information technology such as:

  • Design, build software, mobile applications, website applications
  • Provide online education platform
  • Programming training for businesses
  • Electronic circuit design

How many years of experience Tinasoft has in this field?

Tinasoft has over 4 years of experience in all fields. With an experienced team, Tinasoft is confident to bring satisfaction to customers!

Who are Tinasoft's customers?

Anyone can become a Tinasoft partner. We will support you from small projects to large projects.
Current prominent customers of Tinasoft can be mentioned as Samsung Vietnam, Hanoi National University Publishing House, …

What are the featured products of Tinasoft?

Our outstanding products can be mentioned as: 3-layer security gate system; Online educational training system…

How long does it take to complete a product?

Depending on the nature and complexity of the product, the completion time will vary. With an experienced team, we firmly believe that we will complete your product in the fastest time possible.

How much does it cost to build a product?

Based on the analysis of the product requirements, we will give you a quote, with the full volume as well as the completion schedule of the work. The cost of a product will be commensurate with the features and complexity of the product.

What partners does the company usually work with?

Our prominent partners include information technology partners such as viettel, samsung