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Feb 26, 2024

Coze-AI makes bot development remarkably easier by utilizing large language models (LLMs). While benefiting from LLMs, Coze empowers users to customize how their bots respond to user queries, offering features like knowledge management and workflow creation. This control enhances the flexibility and efficiency of bots in handling complex user inquiries.


Basic Features Of Coze-AI

Personality and Prompts

Prompts contain the identity and objectives that you want the large language model to understand, such as Q&A assistant, news presenter, translation assistant, etc. The bot responds to user queries based on the LLM’s understanding of the prompts. You can continuously iterate and optimize prompts to improve the reliability of the LLM.


A set of open APIs. You can connect and integrate various platforms and services through APIs to expand the bot’s capabilities. The Coze platform comes with a rich set of plugins for direct use. You can also create custom plugins to integrate other APIs for use.


A complex functional logic execution flow can be effortlessly designed within Coze-AI. Users can create workflows by simply dragging and dropping diverse task nodes onto the drawing frame. This intuitive process enables the seamless creation of intricate task sequences, enhancing the platform’s versatility and adaptability to diverse user needs.


Coze can remember and understand details of conversations while supporting additional knowledge as a supplement to the LLM to better meet user queries. You can store and manage external knowledge in the following ways:

  • Knowledge Base: Supports uploading local or online content and automatically segmenting content into segments. This knowledge is then supplemented to the LLM through semantic combinations.
  • Variables: Record variable values in key-value pairs. For example: remembering user language preferences.
  • Database: Store and manage structured data, while supporting addition, deletion, and modification of data in the database through natural language.

Publishing Channels

Coze provides support for publishing your bot to various channels, helping to engage users across bot communication platforms and channels. Through this feature, you can bring your bot closer to users on the platforms they commonly use, increasing your chances of reaching and engaging with your target audience.

By publishing your bot across multiple channels, you can expand your bot’s reach and increase its engagement opportunities, thereby creating a comprehensive user experience and attracting interest from a wide range of users.

Advanced functions

In addition to the above capabilities, Coze-AI also provides the following advanced features.


Coze supports multi-agent mode. In this mode, you can add multiple agents for the bot to perform complex tasks. Taking a travel assistant bot as an example. This bot has functions such as accommodation introduction, flight search, and itinerary arrangement.

Each function is a sub-task that you want the bot to execute. With multi-agent mode, you can create an agent node for each sub-task and add all these agent nodes to one bot, instead of creating multiple bots or adding all these functions to one prompt.

Data Analysis

Coze provides a data dashboard for each bot, allowing you to understand more about its usage through data such as user activity, retention rate, etc.


Overall, Coze is a powerful platform that simplifies AI bot development using large language modeling (LLM). With features like knowledge, workflow, and memoization, Coze-AI allows users to create intelligent and flexible bots that respond naturally and effectively.

In addition, the ability to connect with other services via API and the ability to publish bots on multiple channels are also Coze’s strengths. With the flexibility and utility it offers, Coze is a useful tool for developing AI applications and delivering a good interactive experience to users.

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