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Mar 18, 2021

Business digital transformation

Enterprises are now gradually turning to new forms of governance, meeting the requirements of digital platform transformation in the industrial revolution. Therefore, each business is urgently building its own digital foundation. Digitalization of the enterprise management system ensures a lot of resources are saved: from bookkeeping, to documents and the way data is used to make administrative decisions.

Administration software system for publishers

Relying on the urgency of the niche: we build software systems for publishers. The administration system that we build includes the following modules:
– Sell
– Project management
– Warehouse management
– Human Resources
– Input management (book, manuscript)
– Output management (book publishing)
Our system meets the urgent issues of administration, suitable for publishers from large to medium and small in the field of book publishing.

Outstanding advantages in our system:

  • Optimal administration system, exclusively for Publishers.
  • Easy to deploy, quick to customize and develop additional auxiliary modules.
  • Low total cost.
  • Easy to integrate with monthly and annual report statistics platform
  • Employee management system: business, administration, accountant …
  • Manage warehouse and books easily.

The trend of businesses today is that they want to deploy online management platforms integrated with cloud computing. And our system is not out of this trend either. This is the perfect combination between everyday tasks and the quick exchange and storage of data between departments.

Benefits when implementing corporate governance solutions of Tinasoft Vietnam

  1. Reduce business management and operating costs
  2. Effective information management, increase revenue and profit
  3. Comprehensive administration on the same system
  4. Partnering with a reputable and well-developed partner with many benefits

Administration software

Featured customers of Tinasoft Vietnam

After the trial install and put into use, we have received very positive feedback from Hanoi National University Publishing House. Therefore, we believe that in the future there will be many publishers contacting us. We will all create professional link management systems, from how to operate to administer and make administrative decisions.
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