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Mar 18, 2021

Currently, the online educational e-learning system has a strong trend to develop in Vietnam, not only for individual customers but also for businesses and schools. The development of online education helps companies and corporations promote employee training in the most accurate, fast and effective manner.
Seeing such demand, Tinasoft provides 03 services for different customers:
1. Provide free courses for students
Courses include: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Stem, programming, robotics, AI, Bigdata, Deep learning … Course content is available on We also have mobile platforms – apps for Android and iOS
2. Provides a free platform for schools / companies to build their own courses
Schools or companies can upload courses to our site for free. The courses will be displayed on Contact us to get a “teacher” account and start creating your course today.
online educational
3. Provides a separate training platform for companies/schools
For companies / schools that want to build your own online education platform, please contact us. Our platform includes:
  • Management foundation: Create courses, grant rights to teachers, report statistics by courses, learners … Courses can be set with a lot of parameters: course price, prerequisite courses , teacher rights for each course …
  • Course creation platform for teachers: Create courses from documents such as videos, text, images, slides … Course content can be saved on the platforms we provide, or stored on Third parties such as youtube, vimeo … Teachers have the right to manage course content as well as course participants. Accompanying each course are multiple quizzes of different genres.
  • Platform for students: Students register to follow the course, do multiple-choice exercises, exchange knowledge on the forum … Students can also track and evaluate their own learning results.

Tinasoft offers novel video-making styles for students

With advanced video style, the videos will fully convey the lesson content, especially images, videos, exercises, simulations …

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Our experience, expertise, best-equipped facility, professional management, and commitment have been bringing our customers utmost satisfaction and in return rewarded us with rapid and sustainable growths over the past 6 years.


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