Robot programming course Arduino Chip ESP8266

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Mar 19, 2021


Currently, in the era of technological Robot programming revolution, STEM education is an educational method that is being actively applied in developed countries (such as the US, Germany, UK, …). In Vietnam, STEM education is also being oriented by the Ministry of Education and Training to develop skills for pupils and students in recent years. Robot programming has become a hot topic of STEM.
With the desire to provide the best method of acquiring knowledge for STEM education, Tinasoft Vietnam brings you the best course in robotics programming. Please join us in the course!

Course Staff Image #1
Dr. Nguyen Quoc Uy

Lecturer in Electronic Engineering department, Post and Telecommunication Technology Institute. Love online education and desire to use modern technologies to create interesting lessons for all students.



Course Staff Image #1engineer Nguyen Van Chat
Student of Electronic Engineering at Post and Telecommunication Institute of Technology.




Course Staff Image #1
Engineer Nguyen Thi Huyen Lanh
Student of Information Technology Faculty of Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology.





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