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Mar 18, 2021

In 2018, ERP Tinasoft Vietnam has implemented management software for Vietnam National University Press, Hanoi. With our good quality of the management software and services, we have received very positive feedback from Vietnam National University Press. So, if you are looking for, we would like to recommend our management software package for businesses

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About the ERP software

    ERP Included two parts:

         1. Employee management software

Employee management according to the departmental model.

  • Employee management follows a clearly decentralized department model
  • Allow management of human resources in a friendly way
  • Manage personnel contracts easily
  • Tracking the salary history, the process of salary increase, estimated salary review date
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of personal work and teamwork
  • Report the performance statistics of individuals, departments and personnel statistics according to target such as age, gender, height, weight,…

         2. Output/Input management software

Monthly statistical reports

  • Input data management includes full information about publications.
  • Output data management, make publishing decisions, declaration form, issuance decision.
  • Data statistics

Benefits of using the software

  • Quickly and effectively employees managing by planning according to the model of decentralized departments, accompanied by relevant information of each employee such as resume, contracts, salary history,…
  • The system is equipped with search engines and filters according to selectable criteria such as age, name, hometown, weight, …
  • Evaluate the work efficiency of an individual or department monthly, annually
  • Statistics of individual and departmental work efficiency during the year.

With the superior features on, the publisher can reduce a big count of management costs. The more cost reduction, the more benefit.

Contact Tinasoft Vietnam right now for a free consultation on building management software for publishers.


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