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Mar 18, 2021

Online training system for businesses is extremely necessary

In a large company, internal training in technology, company regulations… is extremely necessary. This is essential in the process of training and retraining to improve the staff of the company. Besides, it has a great effect on spreading the corporate culture, before and during the recruitment process.

Online courses can help employees learn anytime, anywhere, thereby enhancing the qualifications and productivity of company employees.

By designing prerequisite courses before hiring, the company can save a lot of time and money in the process of training new employees as well as spreading the company’s culture. This restricts hiring the wrong people, or people who don’t like the company’s culture, leading to quitting the job midway.

However, the limitation is that building an online training system will consume a lot of company resources, so hiring an external platform, or hiring a company to build and manage its platform is very necessary. Consulting on building an online training system for businesses.

We also have our own “online training system”

One of Tinasoft’s core products is the online education site We provide free online courses, STEM, IoT programming kit,… Currently, Lophocvui has more than 25,000 people studying on Youtube, more than 30,000 people attending on the webpage. The number of people attending each night is about 500 people, mostly students.

We have a lot of experience in implementing the online education system, ensuring the system runs smoothly when the number of learners reaches thousands of people. Along with building the system, we are finishing at adding more features such as SEO – course promotion, online payment system, online testing system. The system integrates statistical modules, reports the results of each course, very suitable for businesses to evaluate the academic results of employees.

Our system supports many platforms: Web, Android, iOS. We can respond to the learners’ needs anytime and anywhere, following the requirements of the business.

Contact Tinasoft for a free consultation on building a free online education platform for internal training of businesses. You can also rent our system.


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