IoT development kit and the “Building the Internet of Things system” course

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Mar 18, 2021


2019 becoming an exploding year of the need for knowledge and experience about IoT. Each people and businesses have their specific requirements for each IoT product depending on the kind of their work.

However, they will soon have many barriers to the practical experience of IoT such as large investment costs and the difficulty to access new knowledge. Understanding these things, Tinasoft Vietnam built the Tinasoft IoT kit with an online course about the Internet of Things. It will solve all the problems for those who want to try at IoT. The kit is very compact but has all the features that an IoT system needed when working with computer software. And above all, the price of this IOT KIT is very affordable.

What you can learn with our IoT kit and IoT course:
  • Understand the overview of IoT systems, applications of IoT in building smart homes, smart factories…
  • IoT protocols, how to implement IoT system in reality for smart factory…
  • How to build an IoT system with both hardware and software
  • Build an IoT system for monitoring, control smart houses, smart factories…
  • Embedded programming with C/C++ for devices in IoT (using Arduino/Raspberry Pi)
  • Control devices remotely via Internet/LAN
  • Working with sensors and real-time data monitoring using NodeJS on Linux or Windows


Tinasoft Vietnam’s IoT Kit

Modules that the Kit integrated with:
  1. DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  2. OLED display
  3. RGB WS2812 LED
  4. Mic
  5. Light sensor (photoresistor)
  6. Led
  7. MPU6050 Accelerometer and Gyroscope sensor
  8. Module ESP8266
  9. Buttons
  10. Buzzer
  11. Reset & Flash button
  12. Switcher
Some of the course content is based on practical applications:
  • Light, Temperature, Humidity sensors use in Smarthome, SmartFarm
  • Buzzer, LED, Buttons use in programing, waring signal…
  • Module ESP8266 used in practice C/C++ programming skills and to connect devices in an IoT network at the development of IoT (Internet of Things) embedded applications.
Buy now and you will get:
  • The price for the Tinasoft IoT kit is 900.000 Vietnamese dong/~38USD (included box,  MicroUSB cable).
  • 3 months warranty (with electronic components).
  • Free shipping (in Vietnam)
  • If you sign-up to our “Building IoT system with Python, C/C++, NodeJS on Raspberry Pi for business” offline training course, you will learn on this kit with the support from our Tinasoft Vietnam’s expert.
  • Free access to our “Building the Internet of Things system” online course.

If you want to cooperate with Tinasoft Vietnam, Contact us  for more details.


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