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Mar 18, 2021

Internet of Things!

IoT (Internet of Things) is getting familiar to everyone. Especially for those who are working in IT automation. It goes even further, we can see the big number of companies are finding ways to approach it. Thanks to the great features of IoT systems, businesses have gradually stopped doing manual work and sought to automate jobs. To approach automation in IT, departments in enterprises need to equip themselves with a certain knowledge of information technology. These include Python, C++, web programming, database management.

Offline classes at Tinasoft

Tinasoft has Python, C/C++ in embedded programming courses on Raspberry Pi and Arduino – building IoT systems for businesses. Two courses with basic and advanced content are designed and directed to businesses. Training time continuously on 5 days or 1 working week. Each training session will last 8 hours (except for a 1-hour lunch break and 20 minutes tea break). For any business group that is interested in this, please contact us. We will feed back as soon as posible.

The two Courses will be divided into the following lectures:

  1. The Basic IoT course – 5 days:

– Day 1: C/C++ Basic on Arduino ( ESP8266 Module)
– Day 2: Python Basic on Raspberry Pi3
– Day 3: MySQL Basic + Python MQTT Basic
– Day 4: HTML Basic, Node JS Basic
– Day 5: Node JS Visualization + Control Devices

2. The Advanced IoT course – 5 days

– Day 1: Review + Development (Node JS + Multiple room)
– Day 2: Openhab Basic + application
– Day 3: Voice control; Equipment warning
Day 4: Python + Machine Learning
– Day 5: Smarthome: Face recognition, voice security.
The training course on embedded Python, C / C ++ on Raspberry Pi-building IoT for businesses has 10 modules and more than 70 hours of practice, covering a wide range of content from basic programming languages and upgrading capabilities. handle the learner’s programming.
The success of the business will be our pleasure.
Please contact us here if you have any other questions!


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