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Mar 18, 2021

Totally Free online courses of Tinasoft Vietnam

  1. Lớp học vui is a product of Tinasoft. We offer a free training platform for businesses, as well as completely free courses for students. Courses range from Mathematics, physics, chemistry in grades 6-12, and courses Stem, programming, robotics, IoT …
  2. Experience a completely new learning method: In the world that online learning has been proving to be the trend of education in the new era. The advantages are clear: study anytime, anywhere depending on the time of learners, saving money for students.
  3. Behavior training: Admission to take control of your time and the progress of your studies. Therefore, you learn to self-control and manage your own time well.
  4. Learning with recruiters: TINASOFT creates opportunities for students to communicate and learn about the employer’s needs right from the start of their studies. They can clearly understand what knowledge the job requires and what employers need to perfect their professional knowledge accordingly.
  5. Criterion “You can learn anything you want”.

Try Online courses (free of charge) right now

You want to have great lectures without going to class and study wherever you want? Very simple with only 3 steps below:

Step 1: View a list of free Online courses

Visit to see a list of free Online courses.

Step 2. Register, login and activate your account

Signing up and logging in on by email or Facebook is extremely easy.

Step 3: Select the course you want to study and start learning right away!

So with only three steps, you have access to Tinasoft’s courses. Tell your friends right away for us to learn together. Any problems encountered, please contact us immediately for help!


Our experience, expertise, best-equipped facility, professional management, and commitment have been bringing our customers utmost satisfaction and in return rewarded us with rapid and sustainable growths over the past 6 years.


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