Leading The 4.0 Era with ERP System For Smart Corp

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Feb 22, 2023

What is ERP system for smart corp? 

ERP system stands for Enterprise Resource Planning system, which support company owners in running effectively business activities.  The system includes enterprise performance management, software that helps plan, budget, predict, and report on an organization’s financial results.

Why ERP system for smart scorp? 

  • Customer service management: The system provides managers with tools such as statistics, analysis and appraisal of business issues, and assessing employee job efficiency. The technology assists sales professionals in successfully finding, tracking, and managing clients.
  • Management of corporate structure: Further sub-features of group structure management include firm management, branch management, partner companies, regional management, and managerial staff by position and authority.
  • Human resource administration: The system also assists firms in managing people information, position structure, ranks, wage management, KPIs, and internal communication.
  • Management of sales and marketing: Sales cycle management has long been a major concern for companies, but with Tinasoft’s ERP system for smart corp, businesses won’t have to spend as much time or money handling telesales, affiliate orders, marketing events, or activities. Order coordination for each branch, or a lag in product installation, freight, or customer service.
  • Inventory control: Users may manage import and export requirements, product management, catalog management, statistics, and reporting using the program. From there, company leaders may have a greater awareness of the circumstances and alter the quantity of imported and consumed items to avoid loss and waste
  • Accounting and financial organization: it also enables business owners to manage capital and cash flow, accounting, costs, assets, and liabilities

How we create ERP system for smart corp? 

  • Project management model: Agile Scrum 
  • Quantities: 17 personel in total (1 PM, 1 Scrum Master, 2 BA, 1 Test Lead, 3 Tester, 4 BE, 4 FE, 2 Designer) 
  • Technology: NestJs, ReactJs, AWS, S3, PostgresDB, MQTT, K8S, Docker, ElasticSearch 


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