Master Korean – Best Learning Korean App in 2023

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Feb 22, 2023

What is Master Korean?

Master Korean is an online Korean Language Education Technology Platform, with a huge amount of lessons with more than 1000+ exclusive video lectures in Korea and thousands of job opportunities right away for Korean businesses, Master Korean has gradually become one of the most popular Korean learning apps in Vietnam.

What are the highlight properties of Master Korean? 

Here are 3 outstanding features of the app:

  • Looking for a job with Master Korean Jobs: This utility helps users create professional and unique CVs that are easy to access prestigious Korean jobs. Besides, reputable recruiters will actively invite you to apply for the hottest jobs, saving time and being safer when looking for jobs.
  • Learn Korean online through Master Korean Live: users will have access to videos with highly realistic situations, creating a feeling of closeness, receptivity and not boring during the learning process. You can study anytime, anywhere, whenever you want.
  • Learn Korean through 1000+ videos with Master Korean E-learning: Along with the development of technology 4.0, Master Korean E-Learning provides users with the Korean standard VISANG textbook, 100+ exclusive online Korean videos, free from Vietnamese – Korean instructors who have Topik level 5, 6.

How we create Master Korean app? 

  • Languages: Vietnamese, Korean, English
  • Project management module: Agile Scrum

Find out the app at:

IOS download:  Get it on App store   

Android dowload:  Get it on Google Play 

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